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Top 5 Series - Head to Toe Essentials

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We both travel quite a bit, sometimes stopping for a day to catch up with family or friends, maybe squeezing in a client visit, before heading into more remote settings. Meetings in coffee shops, kitchens or the back rooms of shops, they all matter, even if they have nothing in common.

Wherever you find yourself, what doesn't change is you. You're the one piece that's always there. When you're on the road for long stretches it can be pretty easy to feel disconnected from your “home” self, which is why it's important to pack go-to gear that reflects your individual style in a variety of situations.

I've been gone for months at a time and learned to travel in a way that lets me feel at home with myself, no matter who I'm with or where we're getting together. It's always durable, it has to be comfortable and it's versatile enough to go from early morning to late night (and sometimes longer).


Here are my five, head-to-toe (or toe-to-head) essentials that carry me through my journey.

  1. Redwing Boots. My favourite all around boot. Great for work, great for play. Great for motorcycle trips and wood hunting. And it doesn't lose even a hint of its cool factor in the city.
  2. APC Denim. The fit works so well, as the RAW denim wears in beautifully. APC's suggested washing recipes make it even easier to personalize your style.
  3. Frank & Oak shirts. I recently got turned on to another Canadian company making all sorts of great clothing. I'm especially in to the dress shirts and sweaters. You can't beat the price / style / ease of getting your hands on them. Check 'em out!
  4. Warby Parker. I've been sporting glasses since I was in Grade 4. In the little town where I grew up, they were always expensive and it was almost impossible to find anything nice. Once I discovered Warby Parker I knew I had found my specs. Great glasses, great designs. Love them.
  5. Upstate Stock. Great for toques, gloves and all those wonderful winter accessories. Made in Upstate NY, in a factory that has been turning out goodness for many, many decades.

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