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Top 5 Series - Surf Spots

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Tidal Bores and Toe Boards

Travelling to New Brunswick a couple weeks ago, I thumbed through the in-flight magazine and landed on an article about my destination. Most of the piece focused on Moncton's revitalization efforts, but one photo really stood out. It was two dudes in wetsuits.

I had been to Moncton a couple times before. It's hardly a beach town, yet the magazine suggested people go there to surf its river.

Sometimes called the “chocolate river” for its dense, brown character, the Petitcodiac is generally quite calm. Twice a day however, a natural phenomenon known as a tidal bore carries water from the Bay of Fundy – home to the world's highest tides – upstream, against the current. The resulting wave can carry a surfer for hours (these guys claim a 29 km journey)!

Moncton is no surf paradise, but it might be a bucket list type of destination for wave riders looking for a unique experience.

If you're into more challenging waves and exotic destinations (no offence, Moncton), here's a list of Mackenzie's favourite surf spots, so far. The JM&Sons co-founder has been seeking out sun, spray and sand since he was a 20-year-old beach bum, camping out on Central American beaches.


1. Popoyo, Nicaragua.

A great point break with an inner and outer reef break. Solid left which is perfect if you are a goofy footer. I've been there a handful of times over the past decade and it remains one of my favourites.

2. Lakey Peak, Indonesia:

Warm water and a beautifully located reef that has wonderful barrels and generally perfect conditions.

3. Raglan, New Zealand:

I spent a month living in the back of a station wagon and surfing all over the North Island. Raglan was my favourite surf spot, because of its great, long lefts, beautiful scenery and a cute little town to grab coffee.

4. Iceland:

No spot in particular but I hit up a few spots while there with Junior and our buddy Will. The scenery is unbeatable and there wasn't another soul in the water. (This, by the way, was the trip when the idea of JM&Sons was conceived).

5. West Coast of Vancouver Island:

This is my home break, I've surfed a lot of spots out there and the beauty is second-to-none. Florencia Bay might be the top in terms of accessibility and beauty. The water is a bit colder but with the right gear (Patagonia wetsuits, Rusty surfboards, etc) you can be happy as a clam.

We hope you enjoy this list – let us know some of your favourites by tweeting us @JMANDSONS, connecting with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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