Inside JM&Sons—The evolution of the Jersey Apron


The first rendition of the Jersey Apron—in Rust Orange—was designed around what we would want to wear in our wood shop. Simple, yet functional. We chose a colour palette that masked dirt so that you could tackle DIY projects without restraint and worrying about your clothing.
In October 2014, we’ve now added the Olive Green Jersey Apron to the product line with the intention of bringing it indoors from the workshop to your home. We think you’ll love the colour palette of this latest addition which fits well in all seasons and looks great for all occasions. Designed with function in mind, you can store a recipe book in the bottom pocket and a pen, pocket knife or other necessary tool in the top pocket.

Each Jersey Apron is handcrafted in Quebec by Junior’s mom (thanks mom!) made of raw canvas and genuine leather. It is built to last long days in the shop or in the kitchen. These are best enjoyed in good company.
Whether you prefer Rust Orange or Olive Green, we’ve got you covered for your next adventure.

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