Top 5 Series: Vintage Motorcycle Builds

In our Top 5 series, we will be exploring some of the things that make JM&Sons who we are and will be going through some of the things that we love. In this post, we look at vintage motorcycle builds.

You may not have noticed but we love motorcycles and adventure. When we can combine both, we’re happy guys. Below are our top pics for people doing amazing work with vintage bikes.

Why are you so intrigued by Motorcycles?

Here’s the thing, says Mackenzie Duncan, co-founder of JM&Sons, I've always had a thing for two wheeled objects. My mom constantly reminds me that I was the youngest kid she'd ever seen ditch training wheels. The second they were off, I pushed the bike to the top of the hill near our house and ripped down on it, terrifying my mother. After that, I was banned from anything with a motor and two wheels, which was totally fair. As I neared the end of my 20's, I decided that I had grown out of the reckless phase and it was time for me to get a motorcycle.

Before buying and reworking my two 1970's Hondas, I did a lot of research into what I wanted. During my road trips from NYC to Toronto, to Vancouver and onto LA, a few years back, I also met a lot of people who shared the same sense of stripped down adventure by traveling on a motorcycle. Trading stories and tips, I’ve learned a thing or two about the two wheelers that got me banned as a kid.

Our TOP 5 picks:

Seaweed and Gravel

  • Model: Black & Tan CB550 (By Brady Young)
One Down Four Up
  • Model: Honda CB 750F SS
Power Plant Choppers
  • Model: Norton Street Tracker “Bob Rock”
  • By Yaniv Evan #PowerPlant
The Tarantulas
  • Model: 1976 CB750F SS “The Natural Seat”
  • The Terantulas are Portland-based
Deus Customs
  • Model: C70 Brown
  • Tiny and awesome!

We hope you enjoy this list – let us know some of your favourites by tweeting us @JMANDSONS, connecting with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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