The Story Behind the Design: Introducing the Wall Bottle Rack

In this post, we look at what inspired Mackenzie Duncan and Junior Ayotte to create their latest product, the Wall Bottle Rack. Released in early October 2014, the concept is simple but will appeal to foodies and fine scotch drinkers.

The Wall Bottle Rack can be used to hold up to 6 liquor bottles. It also makes a perfect companion for chefs and food lovers fitting perfectly on a kitchen wall while providing a 4" deep shelf for your spices, fine oils and vinegars. Some of our friends have decided to use them in the bathroom for added storage. We designed it for you to bring the outdoors into your beautiful home.

This is what Mackenzie had to say about his inspiration:

"My dad moved to Canada from Scotland when he was still in the single digits. His father, my grandpa, had grown up and spent most of his life in the highlands. Throughout my childhood, I remember when grandpa would visit. He and dad would chat over scotch, rarely more than one glass each unless the game of Cribbage went long. To this day dad still has a half dozen or so bottles of liquor sitting in a dark cupboard. When I head to the west coast to visit, we often catch up over a glass.

During my last visit, I recall thinking that it was too bad those beautiful bottles were stored in a dark cupboard. I brought this thought back to Toronto and this is when, Junior and I decided to design a beautiful home to display our very own bottles. Now, they spend time on the wall, on display. Of course, the Wall Bottle Rack has many uses, but what brought it to life were my family's roots and heritage. Cheers to that."

Inspiration is all around: How will you bring the journey home?