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Globe and Mail + JM&Sons

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Designers Mackenzie Duncan and Andre Jr. Ayotte live and work in downtown Toronto but love to escape to the undisturbed wilderness. Their studio, JM&Sons, was first conceived on a backpacking trek in Iceland. The friends – who have known each other since high school – regularly go on fly-fishing weekends in the woods. Fittingly, their furniture and accessories reflect the duality.

The chairs, consoles and coffee tables are clean-lined and condo-sized, but much of it is handcrafted with rustic, reclaimed wood (which they salvage themselves from tumble-down barns).


Their Pour-Over Coffee Stand – based on a Japanese method of coffee making, where the water is carefully, slowly poured over the grinds – again exemplifies the contrast. It’s composed of a sleek steel frame wrapped around a piece of old board from southern Quebec. It delivers a jolt of caffeine but demands the maker go at a geared-down, leisurely pace to do it.

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