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Philippe Leblond - Adventurer

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J&M - How did you come across JM&Sons, and what attracted you to the brand?

P: I met Mackenzie in Montreal long before JM&Sons existed. I spent a lot of time doing construction when I was younger and I’ve always been attracted to the uniqueness and style that reclaimed wood can bring to a space. I feel JM&Sons captures it perfectly.

J&M - Tell us a bit around your background, where you’re from and what you do?

P: I grew up outside of Montreal and worked as a carpenter for many years and then got into modelling. It’s an interesting mix but modelling has allowed me to travel and see parts of the world I never would have gotten to working carpentry. I’m also a huge fan of nature and the outdoors so I hop on any chance I have to adventure. I spent a few weeks in Costa Rica a few years ago with Mackenzie surfing and enjoying the scenery.

J&M -  Where is your favourite place to hang out?

P: Sitting in front of a campfire next to an ocean, lake or river.

J&M - Why is design so important in your life (maybe chat about your new adventure van, that thing is sick)?

P: I just finished building out my new camper / adventure van. I’ve always dreamt of it and it was a lot of work to bring it to reality but it has turned out exactly how I dreamt! Can’t wait to take that all along the west coast in search of some surf!

J&M - Where is the best poutine place? (gotta throw in some Quebec love)

P: La Belle province (in Quebec) have one the most authentic poutines since 1970!

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