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Feature No. III - DJ

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J&M - Which product(s) of our do you have in your place, and which do you use the most?

P: I have the Leather and Brass Key Chain, the Clinton Bench, the Mini Skinny Table and the Mathias Shelf!

J&M - When are we going back to your cabin again?

P: Late October just before it snows and you guys can convince me to dive in some pre-ice cold water.

J&M - You know Toronto very well, what would be your top 3 restaurants and coffee shops here?

P: Restos:

L'Ouvrier, Cafe Bernaté & Kadbanu

Coffee Shops:

Ella's Uncle, Youngplace Coffee Pub (inside the artscape building on Shaw), Cherry Bomb

J&M - Tell us a bit about what you do day to day for work?

P: I am the arts editor at Xtra, Canada's largest gay and lesbian paper, I'm also a DJ and I like to dance in public for no reason.

links: https://soundcloud.com/philvilleneuve + https://www.youtube.com/user/philipvilleneuve

J&M - You’re big into music. What are your top 3 up and coming indie bands, local or not?

P: Right now I'm into Mapei, Sharaya J & Ryan Hemsworth

J&M - Lastly, if you could list your top 5 head to toe essentials (boots, pants, sweaters, etc).

P: For my hair, North Standard's Pomade, for my eyes Garret Leight glasses, I like to wear big pattern shirts from Gitman Bros., pants from Muttonhead and boots from Ransom.

Phils Links

Twitter   |   Instagram   |   Youtube

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